• Faith and SDGs

    KAICIID to Host Webinar with Jeffrey Sachs and Leading Experts on Climate Change

  • Call for Proposals

    KAICIID to Provide Grants for Interreligious Responses to Covid-19

  • COVID-19

    Religious Holidays Under Lockdown: Celebrating in Unusual Ways

  • Youth and Dialogue

    How Young People are Using Dialogue for Development

  • Youth in Action

    Young People Against COVID-19

  • Covid-19

    Online Resources and Inspiring Stories in the time of Covid-19

Our Stories


KAICIID to Host Webinar with Jeffrey Sachs and Leading Experts on Climate Change


Rev. Richard J. Sudworth Joins the KAICIID Board of Directors


KAICIID to Provide Grants for Interreligious Responses to COVID-19


Religious Holidays under Lockdown: Praying and Celebrating in Unusual Ways


Online Resources and Inspiring Stories in the Time of COVID-19


2020 Brochure: European Policy Dialogue Forum on Refugees and Migrants

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Do you want to learn how you can promote peace through dialogue? KAICIID is a hub of networks and resources including online courses in interreligious dialogue, a library of promising practices, and a database where you can get to know the major figures in dialogue around the world.


Our Mission

We promote and employ interreligious dialogue (IRD) to support conflict prevention and resolution, sustainable peace and social cohesion; to promote mutual respect and understanding among different religious and cultural groups; and to counteract the abuse of religion to justify oppression, violence and conflict.

Project Highlights

KAICIID and the 2020 G20 Interfaith Forum

What is the G20 Interfaith Forum? The G20 Interfaith Forum is an annual platform which brings together religious leaders, policymakers, thematic experts, and diverse faith actors to collaborate on...

The Power of Words: The Role of Religion, Media and Policy in Countering Hate Speech

More than 200 religious leaders, policymakers, and media experts came to Vienna last month to discuss hate speech and how we as the international...

Dialogo! The game for learning to dialogue

Diaglogo! is for Peacemakers.... We designed the Dialogo! game to support youth leaders and peace builders. Now, the game is played around the world...
  • From Our Experts

    Nigeria 2020: Interreligious Dialogue for a New Decade

    In January, the KAICIID-supported Interfaith Dialogue Forum for Peace (IDFP) held its first peace conference, providing an important lens through which to examine conflict resolution and peacekeeping efforts in Nigeria.
  • Editorial: The Courage to Stand Together
    From our Experts

    The Courage to Stand Together

    Members of the KACIID Fellows Network Sri Lanka Chapter met in Colombo on 18-19 September this year to discuss how they can work with local stakeholders and partners on strategies aimed at...
  • Editorial: Can There Be Peace Without, If There Is No Peace Within?
    From our Experts

    Can There be Peace Without if there is no Peace Within?

    Four months after the bombings in Sri Lanka that claimed hundreds of innocent lives, Dr. Mohamed Safiullah Munsoor and Prof. Mohammed Abu-Nimer write that the key to avoiding religiously-inspired violence is the...