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Whether through local dialogue platforms or high-level meetings, KAICIID is dedicated to creating space at the table for representatives from every religion, tradition, culture, identity and background. We foster collaborations between policymakers and religious leaders, recognising that when we work together we reduce the inequalities and vulnerabilities that hinder equality and sustainable development. By convening diverse communities through interreligious and intercultural dialogue, we believe we can overcome conflict and division. When we know our neighbours, have mutual respect for those who are different from us, and form strong partnerships, we build cohesive communities founded on peace and justice for all.

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KAICIID’s six dialogue platforms, based on interreligious partnerships, address the main drivers of conflict through policy and advocacy, as well as local dialogue initiatives at the grassroots level. Our regional platforms convene diverse high-ranking religious leaders, harnessing their authority, influence, and vast numbers of followers. They also bring together members of...
Our networks bring together a vibrant community of global changemakers including religious actors, policymakers, academics and dialogue practitioners. Through them we expand and deepen the impact of dialogue initiatives, foster the exchange of best practices and provide access to funding and resources. Our networks also provide continuing education and professional development...