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Our networks bring together a vibrant community of global changemakers including religious actors, policymakers, academics and dialogue practitioners. Through them we expand and deepen the impact of dialogue initiatives, foster the exchange of best practices and provide access to funding and resources. Our networks also provide continuing education and professional development opportunities to reinforce lasting outcomes in the field.

KAICIID Fellows Alumni Network
Following the close of KAICIID Fellows first year of training, graduates join a vibrant community of hundreds of global changemakers through the programme’s alumni network. KAICIID regularly hosts continuing education opportunities and workshops for Fellows alumni, and fosters an environment of opportunity and cross-disciplinary collaboration.
Network for Dialogue
The Network for Dialogue was officially launched in March 2019 in Bologna, Italy, and brings together European faith-based, secular organizations and other experts to jointly promote interreligious and intercultural dialogue for the social inclusion of refugees and migrants. Members come from around Europe, including Austria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Serbia, Spain,...
Social Media Regional Network
Launched in 2021 by graduates of KAICIID’s Social Media as a Space for Dialogue Programme, the Social Media Regional Network brings together a diverse group of young activists and influencers from across the Arab Region.
Network of Policy Makers to support Reconciliation, Peace and Security in Nigeria
The Network of Policymakers and Religious Leaders in Nigeria convenes high level government representatives and senior religious leaders from across the country to address ethno-religious conflict and build peaceful coexistence between adherents of Nigeria’s two main faiths, Islam and Christianity.
Network of the Religious Faculties and Institutes in the Arab Region (NFRI)
In November 2015, the Centre began pursuing a core recommendation of the United Against Violence in the Name of Religion initiative: to establish a network for Muslim and Christian faculties and institutes in the Arab world, in order to initiate dialogue between Muslim and Christian scholars.
Peace Journalist Network to combat hate speech and reduce conflict in CAR
Established in 2018, the KAICIID-supported Peace Journalist Network (Le Reseau de Journalists de Sensibilisation Conflit) seeks to report on peace and security with ethical integrity and factual rigor, as well as counter divisive rhetoric and incitement to violence with messages of reconciliation, unity and constructive dialogue. The Network’s core aim is to strengthen the capacity,...