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KAICIID is dedicated to impacting every corner of the world with the transformative power of dialogue. In places torn apart by discrimination and conflict, we recognise that it is often religious leaders and faith-based organizations who serve as trusted mediators and ambassadors of peace. In our field programmes in Africa, the Arab Region, Asia and Europe, we host trainings and workshops which purposely bring opposing parties to the table in order to support them with dialoguing across difference and finding shared values. Our local platforms and networks also provide opportunities for collaboration, knowledge-sharing and resources, as well as training in dialogue facilitation. We believe that when we are united together, we can accomplish so much more.

We work regionally
KAICIID facilitates exchanges among religious leaders and faith-based organizations in South and South-East Asia, which are designed to help communities find common solutions to shared problems, such as violent extremism, intercommunal conflict, marginalisation and displacement.
KAICIID convenes Christian, Muslim and traditional community leaders to work together for peace: In the Central African Republic and Nigeria, KAICIID supports interreligious platforms and peacebuilding initiatives, as well as programmes which foster interfaith education, freedom of religion, media sensitisation and hate speech prevention. We also partner with the African Union on the...
Arab Region
In the Arab Region, KAICIID works with high-level and grassroots religious actors to promote common citizenship, improve interreligious education and build partnerships with policymakers. We also ensure that women are represented in dialogue and policy processes. Our Social Media as a Space for Dialogue programme harnesses the power of young people to combat online hate speech and...
Our Europe Region Programme unites religious leaders and policymakers on some of the continent’s most pressing needs: Developing inclusive education for refugees and migrants; strengthening European leaders’ capacity to protect religious minorities and preserve social solidarity; and equipping religious leaders with the tools to address and prevent hate speech and hate crimes in...