What We Do

The Image of the Other in the Media

KAICIID Media Programme

The KAICIID Media Programme seeks to address the misrepresentation of religion and religious people in the media and on the Internet in a way that upholds press freedoms. People should have an accurate understanding of religious communities and beliefs—and their preconceptions are shaped in large part by the media and online information. KAICIID is developing training courses and conducting outreach through publications and events in order to address this need. KAICIID works with interreligious dialogue practitioners, religious leaders and journalists from religious and secular media in a two-pronged approach. On one hand, KAICIID seeks to support the more accurate representation of religion and religious communities in the media and online. On the other hand, religious leaders, who serve as channels of information to their communities, must also be savvy in their consumption of media and information: empowered to respond to hate speech and misrepresentations, and critically aware of the way media and information sources shape perceptions.