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Unwavering Dedication to Interfaith Cooperation: KAICIID Reaffirming its Commitment to PaRD

30 October 2023

In our complex, interconnected world, collaboration is a must for sustainable development. Fostering inclusivity and equal partnership is essential to create a just world where all generations can lead meaningful, dignified lives. In this spirit, the International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development convened its General Assembly (17 October) and Annual Forum (18 and 19 October) in Berlin, Germany. This year’s edition of the Annual Forum was dedicated to the theme “Multiplex Collaboration in a Multipolar World”.

Over 100 participants from various backgrounds, including governmental, academia, religious and civil society organizations joined in Berlin. Work plans for 2024 were developed and recommendations identified, including on how to unlock and support the transformative power of local and national faith networks to contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

The International Dialogue Centre - KAICIID, remains committed to the Annual Forum of the International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD). As one of the early multilateral organizations to join PaRD in 2016, KAICIID's presence in this year's reaffirms the dedication to fostering collaborative initiatives transcending religious and geographical boundaries, with a core focus on promoting peaceful and sustainable societies.

A Unique Alliance

PaRD, also known as the International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development, is a global consortium that brings together 165 members representing faith-based organizations, civil society organizations, academia, governments, and multilateral institutions. This diverse assembly of members is united in their commitment to advancing sustainable development through dialogue and multiplex collaboration.

KAICIID, the International Dialogue Centre, shares this commitment to promoting dialogue and cooperation amongst various stakeholders. KAICIID saw this alignment as an opportunity for fruitful engagement and collaboration when the Centre joined PaRD in 2016. In a testament to the enduring value of their membership. Furthermore, KAICIID has communicated its acceptance to serve as one of the co-chairs of the PaRD's Steering Board, reaffirming its commitment to advancing interfaith dialogue and to the partnership's mission. For Dr. Zuhair Alharthi, the Secretary General of KAICIID, KAICIID's participation in PaRD reflects our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive approach to sustainable development.

Impactful Cross-Border Collaborations

One of the most compelling aspects of KAICIID's involvement in PaRD is the impactful cross-border collaborations that it has fostered. One notable instance of this occurred at PaRD's 2022 Annual Forum on Religion and Sustainable Development in Indonesia. Here, the KAICIID Fellows Alumni Network played an active role. Thirty promising individuals from South-Southeast Asia engaged directly with experts to discuss the significance of religious engagement in development cooperation and policy affairs. Their contributions emphasized the pivotal role of religious voices in shaping policies that promote social cohesion, peace, and sustainable development.

Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals

KAICIID's participation in the PaRD’s Food Security Taskforce has resulted in tangible outcomes. This collaboration led to the mobilization of funds and partners for a critical workshop, 'Food Security Sensitization, Awareness, and Policy Engagement,' held in Nigeria. The workshop brought together various PaRD members and KAICIID's partners in Nigeria, including the Interfaith Dialogue Platform. The initiative engaged religious leaders, policymakers, and security officials, known as the Interfaith Dialogue Units, who work together to address conflict threats and development issues in the region. It particularly emphasized the importance of religious leaders in conflict prevention and environmental stewardship.

A Leading Role in PaRD

KAICIID has played a leading role within PaRD, actively contributing to the partnership's objectives. It participates in the Steering Board and co-leads the Sustaining Peace Workstream..

Additionally, KAICIID is actively engaged in the work streams on in Gender and Women Empowerment, Freedom of Religion or Belief and Water, Environment and Climate Action (WECARE).

Facilitating Comprehensive Collaboration

KAICIID recognizes PaRD’s ability to facilitate dialogues, joint initiatives, and policy guidance. It ensures a coordinated and comprehensive approach to addressing complex global challenges effectively. According to Dr Zuhair Alharthi, by becoming a member of PaRD, organizations can engage with like-minded partners, amplify their unique contributions, and foster collaborative initiatives to advance the goals of sustainable development.

KAICIID's presence and active involvement in this year's Annual Forum underscore the significance of diverse organizations coming together to work towards a more peaceful and sustainable world. The organization's commitment to promoting interreligious dialogue, inclusivity, and sustainable development shines brightly, reflecting the values that PaRD holds dear.

As KAICIID continues its role in the new PaRD steering board, we extend our congratulations and best wishes to the new board, with the hope that they will carry forward the collaborative spirit and commitment to sustainable development that defines the partnership.

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