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KAICIID Organizes Special Guided tour of Vienna Papyrus Museum for “Religions in Dialogue” Series

01 June 2017

As part of the International Dialogue Centre’s series of open-house expert lectures "Religions in Dialogue", Dr. Lucian Reinfandt of the Austrian National Library’s Papyri Department offered a special guided tour for the interested public through the Papyrus Museum of the Austrian National Library, explaining selected exhibits of Arabic, Greek and Coptic papyri from the times of early Islam.

During the museum visit, the audience had the opportunity to inspect unique original documents from ancient times, including the oldest Arabic papyrus from 643 AD.

The guided tour followed the popular lecture in February, when Dr. Reinfandt presented Greek and Arabic papyri from the 7th century, describing through these artefacts the history of the time, and discussing new opportunities for interreligious dialogue today.

 “Religionen im Dialog” will continue in September following a break during the summer months.

About the ‘Religions in Dialogue’ lecture series

Last year, KAICIID established a German-language lecture-series, titled ‘Religions in Dialogue’ (Religionen im Dialog) where expert speakers discuss issues related to interreligious and intercultural dialogue. These lectures are followed by a round of discussion with the public and a reception, where participants can continue to engage in dialogue.

If you would like to receive regular invitations to events happening at KAICIID, please register via dialog(at) Please note that these lectures are held in German only.