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Dialogue4SDGs: Inclusion, Citizenship and Social Cohesion in an Age of Transition

22 May 2020

Dialogue plays a central role in advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A tool for religious leaders and the development community alike, dialogue improves coordination among individuals and organizations and opens avenues for exchange while promoting values like respect and inclusion.

In this panel discussion, four Fellows from very different places share their work and experiences in their communities and discuss how they relate more broadly to issues around the world. They are members of the wider KAICIID community that is establishing connections across countries, borders and religions, creating knowledge and building bridges.

In this webinar, the Fellows Sandar Khin, Mugu Zakka Bako, Amanah Nurish and Jeff Berger from Myanmar, Nigeria, Indonesia and the United Kingdom, weigh in on ethnic conflict, protecting the environment, working with religious leaders and much more in the context of dialogue and SDGs 4, 5, 16 and 17.