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Zerrouki Mohamed

Land: Marokko

Jahr: 2018

Religionszugehörigkeit: Islam

Zerrouki Mohamed is a doctoral researcher at the Alameer Abdelkader's University for Islamic Sciences in Algeria, as well as the Alameer Abdelkader's University for Islamic Sciences in Constantine, Algeria. He is specializing in Sufi thought and values. His PhD thesis is titled Islamic Sufism in Post-modernism Outlook and Political Speech of Islamic Foundations in France; the Model of Paris Grand Mosque's Foundation.

In addition, he has two master’s degrees in Islamic Sufism from the same university and immigration jurisprudence from Muhammed I. University, Ouadjda, Morocco.

Mohamed is the editor of AQTAB review, issued by the World Association of the Honourable Idrisid in the Kingdom of Morocco, as well as a Certified Consultant of Arab Community Affairs in the Arab Center for International Relations in Auckland, New Zealand. Moreover, he is a member of the International Academy Group and author of many articles and books.