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Firouz Bibi

Land: Algerien

Jahr: 2018

Religionszugehörigkeit: Islam

Firouz Bibi is a doctoral researcher at the Al-Amir Abdel-Kader University for Islamic sciences specializing in religious studies. She has a masters’s degree in religious studies from the same university. Her PhD thesis is on Theologian thoughts of St. Athanasius of Alexandria.

Currently, she is a teacher of Islamic sciences in high schools, as well as a member of a research team at the Center of Doctrine and Comparative Religious Studies, Algeria. Firouz has participated in several international academic conferences and has experience in interreligious dialogue.

She believes that, “All humans on Earth are one. Every deed we do on this planet will have an impact on us. We all know our capacity to destroy ourselves; that’s why we should learn to live together in peace.”