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Atalya Baransano

Land: Indonesien

Jahr: 2017

Religionszugehörigkeit: Christentum

Lecturer, I.S. Kijne Theological School Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia

Atalya Baransano is a lecturer at I.S. Kijne Theological School Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia. In her capacity as a lecturer, Baransano is currently working in interreligious dialogue and developing seminars and workshops on this topic. Before joining Kijne Theological School, she earned a diploma in theological studies from the Vancouver School of Theology and a bachelor’s degree in theology from Sekolah Tinggi Teologi I.S. Kijne. Atalya believes that teaching is a good way to bring interreligious dialogue into religious education and educational institutions. She is also convinced that interreligious dialogue is not easy to learn without practice, therefore she is constantly engaged in dialogues and IRD-related programmes to gain more knowledge and experience and, most importantly, to become one of those practitioners who achieve a better environment for religious diversity.