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Ven. Sayalay Sutacari

Country: Myanmar (Burma)

Religious affiliation: Buddhism

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Buddhist Nun, Religious Teacher at Mingalarama Nunnery

Sayalay Sutacari was born in Sintgaing Township, Mandalay Division, Myanmar. She became a nun at the age of eight and received a monastic education at Pannarama Nunnery, Sahaing hills, Sagaing Division, Myanmar. She passed Sasanadhaja Dhammacariya (Qualified Dhamma Teacher) exam held by Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture Yangon, Myanmar (2009). She received a Bachelor of Arts in Buddhist Studies (2012) and a Master of Arts degree in Buddhist Studies (2019) from Sitagu International Buddhist Academy, Sagaing, Myanmar.

She is a head nun of Mingalarama Nunnery, Sagaing, Myanmar. She is currently taking care of 12 young nuns coming from very remote areas of Myanmar. She is not only managing the whole nunnery; she is also teaching the children in Buddhist and other secular subjects.

She was also certified by the Myanmar Buddhist Women Program (cohort 1) in 2021. The programme involved the subjects like Buddhist Approach to Teaching, Nurturing Critical Thinking in Children, Reading Strategies, and Dialogue in the Classroom and presented the Training for Religious Educatiors organized by Saya Foundation.