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Ven. Bibiladeniye Mahanama Thero

Country: Sri Lanka

Mahanama Thero was born in Bibiladeniya, Sri Lanka. As a playful child blooming towards adolescence, his life took a drastic turning point. At the age of ten, with his parents’ blessing, he entered into the monkhood and embarked on a journey in the path of the doctrine of Lord Buddha.  

While exploring the dimensions of life in the monastery as a child, he was mentored to master the riches of Dharma extensively. He gradually matured with wise understanding, knowledge and education in Buddhism, Buddhist culture and history, and of the deep transcendental life beyond worldliness.

As his thoughts and life found stillness, his mind and soul opened the doors toward a different avenue: a path of calming and treating minds and souls through the serenity of music. He mastered music as a worldly subject in Sri Lanka and India, under professional guidance.

Ven. Bibiladeniye Mahanama Thero sails strongly and steadily in the deep seas of soulful musical creations, creating a unique identity of his own. His focus is on preserving and protecting the values of the Buddhist doctrine and the monkhood, and on exploring and creating novel dimensions of musical serenity. His work has been praised and awarded many times, including state musical awards, due to its uniqueness and his sacred style of working.

On his musical journey, Ven. Bibiladeniye Mahanama Thero is healing many hearts through his passion for music, using music itself as the medicine.