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Thet Naing Tun

Country: Myanmar (Burma)

Religious affiliation: Buddhism

Thet Naing Tun et Sai Aein is from the Shan ethnic group of Myanmar. Although he is a Buddhist and was born into a Buddhist family, he grew up in a Christian community. Since childhood, he has been familiar with the two different religions and promoted harmony between the two different religious communities.

Sai received a Master of Arts in community development from the Myanmar Institute of Theology. He has been working as a freelance consultant and trainer in civil society sector in Myanmar specialized in community development and organizational development. He has contributed as a consultant or trainer in many projects by providing technical expertise in project designs, conflict sensitivity and resolution, religious harmony and peace processes in various areas of Myanmar with unique culture and diverse context. He is he a consultant and trainer for the Peaceful Myanmar Initiative (PMI), an organization established by four different religious groups from Myanmar that supports activities and initiatives that  promote peace and religious harmony. He supported in developing the programme for KAICIID partner, the Peaceful Myanmar Initiative to establish a pioneer religious dialogue center in Myanmar. He feels that “However different religions are, finally all are trying have peace”.