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Sr. Nay Youssef Alkhoury


Country: Lebanon

Religious affiliation: Christianity

We are for each other (نحن لبعض)

Head of the Department of the Nursing home DAR AL INAYA

Sr. Nay Youssef Alkhoury is a highly qualified professional with a wealth of experience in various fields. She holds a Master's degree in Social Interventions, a Bachelor's degree in Pastoral Health, and a Bachelor's degree in Theology. With her broad educational background, Sr. Nay is able to effectively integrate social work, healthcare, and spiritual guidance to enhance the lives of those she works with.

Sr. Nay is an accomplished trainer, having served as a trainer for new social workers and first communion children. She is also the head of the nursing home sector, where she brings her extensive knowledge of death and grief coaching, as well as an approach to working with older people with Alzheimer's.

In addition to her professional work, Sr. Nay is an active spiritual guide for youth and children's clubs. Her passion for helping people extends beyond her professional life, as she is also a certified assistant pharmacist.

Sr. Nay's varied experience and impressive certifications make her a valuable asset to any team. She is committed to improving the lives of those she works with and is always eager to learn new ways to help others.