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Sofiane Elhabib Chetioui

Country: Algeria

Religious affiliation: Islam

Sofiane Elhabib Chetioui was born in 1986, in the province of Eloued, Algeria. He is the Imam Khatib of the Ammar ben Yasser Mosque in Batna, Algeria, and a teaching assistant at the University of Batna. He has a master’s degree in doctrine from Aldjinane University, Lebanon and in comparative religions from the University of Algiers. Currently he is working on his doctoral thesis. He is very interested in issues of dialogue and communication with others regardless of their affiliation. He believes in the dialogue of civilizations and alliance of civilizations and has published many studies on dialogue, including the articles "The Foundations of the Vision of Islam ", “The Foundations of Coexistence with Others Concluded in the Almadina Document”, and a study entitled "The Place of the Others in Judaism and Islam”.