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Shireen Mashaqba


Country: Jordan

Religious affiliation: Islam

“No understanding, No peace.”

Head of the Cultural and Public Relations Department at the Hashemite University

Researcher in politics and international relations.

Ms. Shireen Mashaqba is a researcher and political scientist specialized in international relations. She is a Senior Fellow with the Religion & Security Council (RSC) and Adviser on Peace, Security & Interfaith with the Global Center for Humanity and Justice (GCHJ), as well as a member of the Amman Group for Future Dialogues (AGFD).

Currently, Ms. Shireen Mashaqba is working at the Hashemite University for the Cultural and Public Relations Department as a Head of the Cultural Section, where she is in charge of promoting with the aim to advance a culture of peace, tolerance, and respect for human rights, among the students. Previously, she was the Assistant to the Director of the International Relations Office as well as for the Presidency Office as an International Project Manager. 

She also participates in various initiatives and activities at local, national, and international levels that is aiming at endorsing the role of interreligious and intercultural dialogue in peace-building and conflicts resolution. Ms. Mashaqba holds a Master’s Degree on War and Peace Studies from Vilnius University (Lithuania).