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Rev. Paul E. Mdumi

Country: Tanzania

Languages: Kiswahili, Arabic, English

Expertise: Communication, Religious Studies

Religious affiliation: Christianity

Executive Director, Zanzibar Interfaith Centre

Programme Manager, Peacebuilding and Dialogue, Danmission East Africa, Tanzania

Rev. Paul Elisha Mdumi currently holds the role of Programme Manager for Peacebuilding and Dialogue at Danmission East Africa in Zanzibar, Tanzania. His journey began as a humble pastor in Lutheran congregations in Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar, where he focused on strengthening community bonds and fostering unity. Later, he had the privilege of serving as the Executive Director of the Zanzibar Interfaith Centre (ZANZIC), where he facilitated programs that helped more than 3000 young individuals and over 200 religious leaders understand each other better over a span of three years.

Paul has always been committed to learning, and he acquired a bachelor's degree in theology from Tumaini University in Tanzania, followed by a postgraduate diploma in mass communication from the University of Dar Es Salaam. He continued his educational journey, achieving a master’s in Islam, Christian-Muslim Relations from St. Paul’s University in Kenya. His educational journey reached its pinnacle with a master’s in international peacebuilding from Hartford International University for Religion and Peace in the USA.

Paul's unwavering dedication to promoting interfaith harmony has garnered him awards, including the Celie J. Terry Prize for Interfaith Work and the esteemed Ephraim Isaac Leadership Award, both  in the USA. 

Paul now serves as an IEP Ambassador and volunteers as Deputy Commissioner for Peace and Reconciliation at the Pan-African Dialogue Institute, providing him with the humbling opportunity to contribute to peace on the African continent.

Paul was humbly involved in founding Interfaith Africa in Tanzania, an organization dedicated to regional peace and mutual understanding between different faith groups. He remains a humble yet influential voice on the global stage, advocating for peace and understanding.