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Rev. Dr. Fuhbang Emmanuel Tanifum

Country: Cameroon

Senior Pastor and Secretary of the Regional Assembly, Mission of the Evangelical Church in Cameroon

Rev. Dr. Fuhbang Emmanuel Tanifum is a theologian, interculturalist, jurist and an ordained pastor in the Mission of Evangelical Church in Cameroon. He holds a PhD in Theology and Intercultural Studies from the Cameroon Faculty of Evangelical Theology, Yaoundé. Emmanuel is the director of the Institute of Evangelical Theology in Bamenda, Cameroon, and also lectures in seminaries within Cameroon.

He is the founder of, and chief executive officer at, Rohi Foundation Cameroon, a non-profit, grassroots and non-governmental organization founded in 2008 with the aim of promoting peace, human rights, humanitarian actions and interreligious and intercultural friendships. He is also the current Chapter President for Cameroon of a non-profit organization based in the United States called the Euphrates Institute.

He is currently running a youth peacebuilding training programme in Cameroon which brings youths together from different religious and cultural backgrounds and he also enjoys teaching and researching in the area of Muslim-Christian relations. His motto is ‘faith, hope and love.’