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Rev. Dr. Edward Obukokwo Nnanna

Country: Nigeria

Religious affiliation: Christianity

“Every man is a product of his/her religious and cultural background; hence individual differences should be respected.”

Theological Educator, Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Nigeria.

Dr Edward Obukokwo Nnanna is an Ordained Minister of the Nigerian Baptist Convention and a Theological Educator for about six years – teaching, supervising academic research and examining Bachelor, Master and doctoral degree works. He lectures in the Department of Intercultural Studies, Faculty of Theological Studies of the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso, where he teaches World Religions, Islam, African Traditional Religion and other interreligious and intercultural related courses. He is the Academic Affairs Officer and Programme Coordinator of the Master of Divinity Degree programme. He holds a PhD in World Religions with academic interests in Systematic Theology and Intercultural Studies. He is also the secretary of Sacred Earth Ministry (SEM) – a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with a vision to gather and disseminate information on the position of God regarding His creation, as contained in the Holy Bible as well as other spiritually-inspired sources, using the print, electronic and other media.

His research focuses on divergent opinions and controversial areas that trigger conflicts among religions; this has helped him to bring the misapprehensions of the past, together with the prejudices of the present, and to help create a climate of mutual and reciprocal correction. And this made him conclude that dialogue will be unsuccessful without mutual understanding between two parties.