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Rabbi Mark Pavlovsky Mordechani

Country: Germany

Rabbi, Jewish Community Aachen

Mark has been supporting Jewish communities in the Diaspora for several decades. For the last 10 years he has been the rabbi of various Jewish communities in Germany. For a long time, he had worked in the central social organization ZWST, which helped Jewish refugees from the former Soviet Union in Germany. He was the chief rabbi of the Jewish Educational Center in Sobernheim and also coordinated various educational programmes. Rabbi Pavlovsky is a graduate of the Strauss-Amiel Institute, Or Torah Stone, which was headed by Rabbi Riskin and Rabbi Bierenbaum. This institute prepares rabbis for Diaspora countries and is a unique and important structure. In addition to his rabbinical education, Rabbi Pavlovsky holds a first degree in psychology and sociology, as well as political science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He completed his master's degree in public policy and public administration. The topic of his academic research was knowledge management.