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Protodeacon Mladen Kovacevic

Country: Serbia

Protodeacon, Saint Sava Cathedral, Belgrade, Serbia

Protodeacon Mladen Kovacevic was born in Bosnia and Hercegovina in 1983. In 2002 he graduated from the Orthodox seminary school in Cetinje, Montenegro. He received a master’s degree from the Moscow Theological Academy in 2006. From 2010, he studied Russian language and literature.

After moving back to Bosnia and Hercegovina he worked as teacher of Orthodox catechesis. During his engagement as teacher, he also was active in public life, coordinating the work of orthodox youth organizations in his local community. In 2011 he got married and started church service as deacon. In 2015 he was promoted by church authorities to Protodeacon.

In 2019 he moved to Belgrade and become deacon of Saint Sava Cathedral, which is one of the main centres of the Serbian Orthodox Church’s liturgical and cultural life. He is engaged in the organising of cultural events and in the sector for tourism and public relations.