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Nejra Kadić Meškić

Country: Croatia

Program manager, Center for Cultural Dialogue; Associate, Islamic Community in Croatia

Nejra Kadić Meškić is a program manager at the Center for Cultural Dialogue and an associate at the Islamic Community in Croatia. She finished the School for Economics and Business of the University of Sarajevo and has seven years of experience as a program and campaign leader in the field of human rights, culture of dialogue and youth and gender equality at the political and implementation level.

Kadić Meškić is a trainer on teamwork and leadership in educational programs for youth. She has experience in project management, event management,  public relations and marketing as well as public finances and budgeting – especially related to youth. She is familiar with the issues of human rights in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina as she worked in the NGO sector in both countries.

She is the author and co-author of strategic documents related to the improvement of human rights implementation. In 2013, Kadić Meškić received an award for her contribution in the achievement of gender equality by the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina.