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Mokonzi Ga Iwoyo

Country: Nola Central African Republic

Religious affiliation: Islam

Mokonzi Ga Iwoyo holds a master’s degree in project management and a maitrise in ancient history. He is currently working as an administrative counselor, while teaching management, ethics, citizenship and leadership.

He is a member of the Association des Cadres Musulmans de Centreafrique (Association of Muslim Executives of Central Africa), a non-profit organization, where he previously taught literature and oversaw school enrolment. In addition, he is the rapporteur of the Education Committee. Mokonzi believes that education is a vector for social and cultural cohesion, teaching children to accept differences and be tolerant as future leaders.

In February 2016, he participated in the Intra-Muslim Dialogue in Vienna.

He identifies with the ethos enshrined in Martin Luther King’s ‘’I have a dream” speech – a hymn of solidarity and hope for a better understanding between all communities.