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Mercy Wambui Muigai

Country: Kenya

Religious affiliation: Christianity

Executive Director, Impact Communities

Mercy W. Muigai is an enthusiast peace practitioner and web-based content developer born in Kenya. She holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies (community development) from Pwani University, Kenya, where she gained fundamental knowledge on peaceful coexistence.

She has been involved in efforts to strengthen capacities of different stakeholders in promoting peace in affected regions of Kenya such as the coastal area. Through her organization, Impact Communities, she facilitates efforts to counter radicalization and violent extremism among the vulnerable youth in her country.

She has also been involved in peacebuilding and electoral process through raising awareness and promoting peace initiatives. She finds pleasure in voicing the concerns of minorities and marginalized people in her society especially through online platforms.

Mercy believes in protection of fundamental human rights, respect for religious beliefs and the freedom to enjoy one’s rights in a responsible manner. For her, interreligious and inter-cultural dialogue is a means to promoting equality and achieving a cohesive society.