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Melody Amal Khalil Kabalan

Country: Argentina

President, Islam for Peace Institute Argentina

Melody Amal Khalil Kabalan is the president of the Islam for Peace Institute Argentina, which has gender and diversity and interreligious dialogue departments, promoting the Islamic values of peace and equality. She is member of Religions For Peace and Women of Faith Networks.

In 2015 she founded the NGO,, in honour of women from Arab and Muslim identities. Afifa conducts seminars, workshops and produces publications to demystify prejudices about Muslim women and the Arab world.

In 2017 she co-founded Diversity Network – a community dedicated to peace and conflict resolution though youth. In 2020, with a group of interfaith friends and colleagues, she founded the Laboratory of Religion, Ethnicity and Culture together with the General Directorate of Human Rights of the Legislature of Buenos Aires in cooperation with the Diversity Network and the support of the UNESCO Regional Office in Montevideo.

She also participates in various interfaith and peace programmes at local, national, and international levels. This year she will publish her first book about children and interfaith.

As she has a specialization in Conflict Resolution from the University of Maryland and is working on rebuilding the ties of the Islamic community in Argentina and Latin America.

In addition to its commitment to interreligious dialogue and the role of women in Islam, she is responsible for the International Relationship Department at the Halal Catering Argentina (Halal Certification).