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Maria Jose Ananias Salcidua

Country: Chile

Languages: English, Spanish

Expertise: Marketing, Interfaith Studies

Religious affiliation: Christianity

Theological Evangelical Community of Chile / ADIR

María José is an enthusiast of the study of world religions. She has completed several courses, including three diplomas of comparative religions with a minor focus on Judaism, Arab and Islamic Culture and Ancient Mesopotamia and Egyptology. She is currently finishing her master’s in interreligious, ecumenical and intercultural dialogue at the Institut Superior de Ciències Religioses de Barcelona (ISCREB). She has been working as a volunteer in the Chilean Association of Interreligious Dialogue for Human Development, where she is currently part of the board, and is in charge of communications and the development of interfaith meetings in the city of Santiago. She teaches in the Evangelical Theological Community of Chile, in the fields of comparative religions, interreligious dialogue and communications. She developed a course called “Religions in Dialogue” following the Project-Based Learning methodology to provide tools for accepting diversity and meeting people of different beliefs.