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Lina Sakina Salim

Country: Singapore

Lina Salim is a budding interfaith activist and an Islamic religious teacher from Singapore. She is a graduate of Usul al-Din and Comparative Religion from the International Islamic University of Malaysia. Following her passion in communication and peacebuilding, she has been active in promoting religious and racial harmony through her involvement as a docent with a local interfaith centre, Harmony Centre, and various other projects organised locally and abroad.

Currently, Lina is teaching children and youth in her local Muslim community. She has also given talks on Islam and interfaith relations in various schools and places of worship. She believes in fusing both of her roles together and has been using her platform as a religious teacher to promote interfaith and intra-faith dialogue within the local Asatizah (female religious teachers) community. This is being realised through the numerous trainings delivered to staff of local mosques in interfaith relations and dialogue.

She believes that religion can be a unifying factor in combatting the social ills that are inflicting communities around the world, and in the power of dialogue in dissolving conflict through personal connection and accepting differences.