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Lala Chaman Lal

Country: Pakistan

Chief Executive Officer, Samaj Sewa Foundation

Mr. Chaman Lal is the CEO of the Samaj Sewa Foundation. He is a minority rights activist and peace agent, working for the empowerment of religious minorities and promotion of peacebuilding in Pakistan. He was nominated as the deputy coordinator (South Punjab) of the Human Rights and Minorities Affairs Ministry. he also represents the Pakistan Hindu Youth Council as the provincial president of Punjab. He is an alumni at the Faiz Resource Foundation (Kahani Sunao) and Youth Development Foundation. Since 2016 he has been actively engaged in working with youth from different faiths, working for a positive and peaceful society. After completion of his degree in computer science, he engaged himself in the social sector for the development of religious minorities, promotion of peacebuilding and minority rights. He is active in raising and resolving the issues of underprivileged religious minorities in Pakistan. His research projects include surveying forced conversions of minor girls belonging to religious minorities of Sindh, a report which was later submitted to the Hindu Parliamentarian of Pakistan. Moreover, Chaman conducted a survey of 400 Hindu families for the ‘Educational Needs of Minorities in Punjab’ project and has worked on ‘Social and Economic Empowerment of Minorities’ as a project officer at the Centre for Social Justice.