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Judge Fouad Wafik Younes


Country: Lebanon

Religious affiliation: Druze

Among the general rules that control religion in all its divisions is justice. In belief, God Almighty is just and does not tyrannize, and in acts of worship, God does not burden a soul beyond its capacity. In dealings, there is a balance between mutual rights. In legal policy social justice, and in family rulings gender justice.

The Druze Doctrinal Judiciary and Prince Al-Sayed Abdullah Al-Tanukhi College for Unitarian Sciences

Judge and University professor, working as religious judge in the Druze religious judiciary since 2013, and Professor of personal status law at Prince Abdullah Al Tanoukhi faculity for Unitarian Science since 2019. Holder of a master’s degree in international human rights law in 2018 from sagess University in Beirut, the topic of the thesis was the best interests of the child, and it was published in a book, and published another book about Quran and Sunnah organizing women’s rights. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in law, at Beirut Arab University, in constitutional and Consociationalism theory.