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Joel Kaplan

Country: Argentina

Teacher, Scholem Aleijem High School and Federation of Latin American Jewish Youth

Joel Kaplan is a teacher of history, Jewish history, sociology, and ethics and citizenship training at Shalom Aleichem School. Within the school he participates in a programme called ‘Memories in Action’ in which he trains students to dictate activities and proposals on the SHOA to different religious and secular schools in the city of Buenos Aires.

Joel works with young leaders throughout different Jewish communities in Latin America. He also participates in the Federation of Young Jews from Latin America, being part of the delegation that regularly participates in the American Jewish Committee forums.

Joel specializes in the study and transmission of the holocaust, teaching courses throughout Argentina and Latin America. He trained in two programmes sponsored by the Claims conference and by the International School of Holocaust Studies located at the Yad Vashem museum in Jerusalem.