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Jana Sharaf

Country: Lebanon

Founder, House Of Wisdom, Beirut, Lebanon

Jana was born in Bulgaria to Lebanese parents and has lived in Russia, Bulgaria, Lebanon and England. She works at a grassroots level to establish peace among the different sects of the Abrahamic faith.

Jana has worked on peace and capacity-building projects with the Al Khoi Foundation, Global Peace and Unity, the Mitzvah day, the mayor of London, Islam Channel, Arab Human rights Foundation and the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies in Oxford.

With a master’s degree in Islamic Studies from the University of London and a BSc in Communication from Oxford, she is a Sufi and Kabbalah student merging spirituality with self-development to create tools promoting peace and wisdom.

Jana is the author of The Dream Revelations and has translated the Zohar into Arabic. She has hosted on MTV and Dubai Eye to promote wellness through religious tolerance.

She is the founder of House Of Wisdom – a community for those who wish to experience personal and spiritual development without being labelled. It is a place where people can find love and understanding while learning certified self-development courses.