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Grace Michuki

Country: Kenya

Languages: English

Expertise: International Relations, Communications, Youth

Religious affiliation: Christianity

Committee Member, National Scouts Adult Resource

Grace Michuki is a passionate youth leader and mental health advocate. She is member of the Scouts and a Dialogue forof Peace  Trainer  in Kenya. Currently she is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies at St.Paul's University.  

Grace gained a lot of knowledge in peacebuilding and conflict resolution during her leadership tenure as the Africa Scouts Youth Forum President (2012-2015)  and as the Kenya National Youth Leader at the Kenya Scouts Movement.  (2012-2017).

She is actively involved in peacebuilding trainings and activities through the Scout movement across the globe to train and recruits Scouts/individuals to become Messengers of Peace. She is also involved in interreligious and intercultural trainings and advocates peaceful elections. To her, iInter-religious and iInter cultural dialogue is very critical as it promotes equity and achieves unity in diversity across the world.