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Gloria Maria Likhoyi

Country: Kenya

Programme Manager, Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics Trust (CICC-T), Mombasa

Gloria Likhoyi has a Bachelor of Science in Textile Technology. Immediately after graduating, she joined the civil society peacebuilding efforts under the National Council of Churches, Kenya. It is here that she was introduced to interreligious dialogue and relationship-building. She went on to join the Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics Trust (CICC-T) where she moved into the field of interreligious dialogue. At CICC-T, with support from various partners, she supported the inclusion of women into interreligious dialogue circles. This resulted in the establishment of a women’s desk, mobilizing women to participate and contribute to ongoing interreligious dialogue around peace, security and development.

Recently, with the support of a number of female religious leaders, she established Women Moving Agenda Kenya – an NGO that supports the capacity-building of women for effective participation in interreligious dialogue for peace, security and development. Her desire to learn and exchange ideas has enabled her to participate in various forums, conferences, meetings and training organised both locally and internationally. Her passion is for women’s empowerment for meaningful contributions to the peace, security and development of the communities around them, and the world as a whole.