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Geoffrey Manasseh

Country: Malawi

Languages: English, Chichewa

Expertise: Interfaith, Youth, Community Building, Peacebuilding

Religious affiliation: Christianity

Country Coordinator and Interfaith Youth

Geoffrey Manasseh is a peacebuilder, interfaith youth educator and advocacy activist. Graduating with an advanced diploma in construction engineering from Combon Technical College, he attended two additional years of training of on psycho-social studies before doing another three years of training ofn peacebuilding and dialogue management.

Currently, he works as a country coordinator at United Religions Initiative, as well as the technical advisor of the Wildlife and Natural Resources Conservative and Rehabilitation Trust , Southern Africa Interfaith Youth Development Officer and the Malawi Eastern Region Psycho Socialist. He is also the founder and assistant director of the Nkhudzi Bay Utale Organization.

Mr. Manasseh is responsible for, and deeply committed to, mentoring and guiding youth to achieve their goals. To that end, he coordinates cultural preservation trainings, peacebuilding seminars and capacity building trainings for youth. He is committed to making a difference in his home country of in Malawi.