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Geleta Simesso

Country: Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Languages: English, Amharic, Dutch, Oromiffa

Organizations: Life in Abundance

Expertise: Peacebuilding

Focus area: Religious, Academic

Religious affiliation: Christianity

Director, Life In Abundance Ethiopia

Geleta Simesso from Ethiopia is a Lutheran Pastor serving at the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY), the largest Lutheran Church in Africa and the second largest globally. He is currently Director of Life in Abundance. He studied at Addis Ababa University and the Mekane Yesus Seminary, where he later served as professor and Academic Vice President. Mekane Yesus Seminary (MYS) is the only Seminary/Theological College in Ethiopia which offers a Bachelor degree program in Christian Muslim Relations (CMR). He majored in Intercultural Studies during his graduate studies at the Radboud University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands majoring in Intercultural Studies. He also studied theology at the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology in Addis Ababa and Peace Studies the Universitat Jaime I of Spain. Geleta also designed and taught a course entitled “Religions in Dialogue” at the Global Studies and International Relations department of the New Generation University College. Geleta teaches Peacebuilding, Religion and Politics, and Philosophy courses at the Mekane Yesus Seminary and different universities/colleges. He has a special interest in the area of contemporary issues in religion and politics. He has attended various national and international conferences where he presented research papers on Philosophy and Religious Studies. He is serving as one of the commission members for the Judiciary and Arbitration Commission of the EECMY.