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Ezequiel David Antebi Sacca

Country: Argentina

Religious affiliation: Judaism

"Accept the truth from whoever tells it" - Maimonides

Director of Jewish and Cultural Content Editorial and Teacher at Menora

Ezequiel David Antebi Sacca is a Rabbinical student at the Bet Midrash lerabanim and works as director of Jewish and cultural content on the editorial department of Menora. He is a teacher at the same institution. He also studied Economics at the FCE-UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires).

He is very active on social media, especially Twitter, where he explains Jewish ideas, based on Torah, for an ever-changing world. He is particularly interested in bioethics, ethical dilemmas and contemporary applications of Talmudic law on cutting-edge issues.

He co-hosted Shalom-Salam: Diálogo judeo musulmán, with Imam Marwan Gill on Radio Jai. He also participated in seminaries of interreligious dialogue on UCA (Universidad Católica Argentina), panels and book presentations, including a few ones at the San Martin Palace, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship.

In addition to his commitment to interreligious dialogue, he is focused on producing Jewish books, journals and magazines with high-quality articles and information.