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Emmanuel John Nkanta

Country: Nigeria

Religious affiliation: Christianity

With God on our side, we can build a more peaceful and humane world.

PhD Candidate, University of Abuja, Nigeria.

Emmanuel John Nkanta is a Peacebuilding and Development Specialist with a Master of Science Degree in Sociology of Development and Peace and Conflict Resolution. He has over twelve years of extensive work and volunteering experience with Non-Governmental Organizations in the areas of Child and Youth Development, Peace Building and Interreligious Dialogue. He is a PhD Candidate at the University of Abuja.

As a volunteer with the Community of Sant’ Egidio with over twelve years of experience, he also educates children through services at the School of Peace. He participated in peacebuilding training and programmes on Children and Youth organized by the Community of Sant’ Egidio in Belgium, Rome, Assisi and Nigeria. He currently coordinates the Youth, Peace and Humanitarian Movement, Community of Sant’ Egidio, Nigeria. Emmanuel is the Co-Secretary of the Abuja Interfaith Youth Network, Abuja and also a member of the African Interfaith Youth Network, Religions for Peace. He is a member of Interfaith Dialogue Forum for Peace (IDFP) in Nigeria.

Following his role as a Project Manager at the Kukah Centre, Emmanuel has been involved in the implementation of the Digital Classroom Project for Children in twelve Nigerian states. He was also involved in the National Peace Committee where he facilitated a series of training and engagements for youth, women and persons with disabilities across Nigeria, and the signing of the Peace Accord ceremonies.  He has also facilitated high level dialogue meetings on peace building for traditional rulers, religious leaders, political parties and other key stakeholders.

In 2011, Emmanuel launched the Sign-In for Peace Campaign at the Unity Fountain in Abuja. He also coordinated the National Interfaith Conference and the Interreligious Solidarity visitation to internally displaced children and adults in 2016; organized by the Abuja Interfaith Youth Network with over 250 Interreligious Youths in attendance.  He co-anchored the capacity building workshop on increasing women and youth’s participation in conflict prevention and peace building ahead of the 2015 general elections in Nigeria organized by Religions for Peace and Women of Faith Peace building Network in partnership with Nigerian Institute of peace and conflict resolution and the International Dialogue Centre – KAICIID, Abuja, 2015. He served in the committee that hosted Faith Works Africa: Partnerships for Peace and Prosperity organized by Religions for Peace Conference in Abuja, 2016.

He is passionate about building a better world.