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Dr. Yacob Kohain

Sincerity and respect allow us to reach common solutions. Through dialogue, individuals and groups can understand and cooperate in order to achieve common goals, progress, and development in societies.

CEO of the Samaritan Legend Association

Born in Nablus, finished BA in Psychology and Education in An-Najah university, Founder of the Samaritan legend association in 2009 that facilitate workshops and lectures around the world to teach about the Samaritan community and use it as an example of coexistence and peace.

Founded the Samaritan Youth club in 1999, He is the speaker on behalf of his father the high priest of the Samaritan community and is considered a representative of the community outside the country.

Was featured in Forbes magazine as the manager of Har Bracha Tahini.

Member of the Cultural Advisory Council for the city of Nablus, He also received an honorary doctorate from the Forum Foundation of international peace;

Abdallah Wasef and Sons company / General Manager 1997 – until now;

Har Bracha Tahini Company / General Manager 2008 – until now;

Author of three books on leadership through life experiences.