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Dr. Wafa Zabin Alrehily


Country: Saudi Arabia

Religious affiliation: Islam

Tourism as a tool to support and build peace and civilized dialogue between people with divergent beliefs, cultures, and characteristics.

Faculty Member, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of History and Archeology, University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Professor of Islamic History

Associate Professor of Islamic History and specialized in the history of Andalusia and the Islamic Maghreb. During her career, she held a number of positions such as Vice-Dean of Research and Innovation at the School of Social Sciences, Vice-Dean for Development and Sustainable Development and Head of the Department of History and Archeology. She supervised volunteer work and social responsibility in the college. Participated in the writing and arbitration of a number of scientific researches specialized in Islamic history, civilizational dialogue, and cultural and social diversity in Andalusian history. She is an accredited revision member of the NCAAA in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She participated in drafting the Bachelor of Archeology and Tourist Guidance curriculum, as well as the Intermediate Diploma program in Tourist Guidance. She took a number of university courses related to Islamic history, tourism guidance, and ecotourism. She looks forward to gaining more experiences in the field of dialogue between  religions and cultures to promote peace-building and acceptance of the other.