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Dr. Syed Asad Abbas Rizvi

Country: Pakistan

Religious affiliation: Islam

Assistant Professor, Department of Education, International Islamic University, Islamabad

Dr. Asad Rizvi an assistant professor in the Department of Education of the International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIU). He is an active researcher and research coordinator for research degree programs and the focal person for the Career Center at IIU, and formerly taught different subjects at master’s and doctoral level at different universities.  

Dr. Rizvi has a master’s in education, Arabic, and Islamic studies and a Ph.D. in education from Pakistan and did a post-doc from the University of Toronto, Canada. 

His research and academic interests include multicultural education, cultural diversity, inter-cultural and interfaith dialogue in institutions, philosophy of education and madrassa education.

Dr. Rizvi uses interreligious dialogue in addressing religious gatherings and conducts training related to, and mainstraiming, IRD in religious and educational institutions at the national and international level for many years. His main argument that understanding and respect of one other’s culture and faith is vital in order to develop as a person and a nation.

Aside from educational research, his main academic contribution is the application of hermeneutics in educational settings in Pakistan. Moreover, he developed the first-ever teachers training program for religious teachers in Pakistan and a model for Muslim teachers training.

His motto cites the importance of respect and interfaith harmony of Karbala, the largest peaceful gathering on the world: “Enculturation of Karbala is the best possible way for peaceful survival of Homo Sapiens”.