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Dr. Swati Chakraborty

Country: India

Religious affiliation: Hinduism

Assistant Professor, Schoolguru Eduserve Pvt. Ltd

Dr. Swati Chakraborty is ssistant professor in human rights at Schoolguru Eduserve Pvt. Ltd. and vice president, South East Asia, of the Eurasian Doctoral Summer Academy (EDSA). She has earned her PhD in human rights from the University of Calcutta and worked with the National Human Rights Commission India as a research consultant. She has teaching expertise as a lecturer at the English College in Calicut, Kerala where she undertook a youth intercultural dialogue training program. She is also expert in online training program for youth and women.

Dr. Swati has been associated with various NGOs and development agencies from early stages for social inclusion, community networks, human rights activism, peace-building and advocacy for women's life long education and empowerment with a focus on indigenous need.

Dr. Swati has written more than 20 articles on her own credit and is also the editor of several books and journals including “Tribal Development”, “Gender Identity and Roles in India: Issues and Challenges”, “Multidisciplinary Handbook of Social Exclusion and Human Rights”, “Inclusive Development and Sustainability”, "Handbook of International Relations: Issues of Human Rights and Foreign Policy, Vol. I and Vol II" and very recently "Handbook of Social Media for Digital and Social Inclusion".

She is the council representative at the World Peace Committee in India and was a speaker for a EU program Towards a Global Exchange on Religion in Society , Brussels as representative of Hinduism and humanity. Moreover, she was a young scholar in Inaugural Young Scholar’s Conference on Asian Studies in a Globalized World in Thailand.