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Dr. Romdhane Barhoumi

Country: Tunisia

Religious affiliation: Islam

Dr. Romdhane Barhoumi is a professor at the Higher Institute of Islamic Civilization at Zaytouna University, Tunisia. He holds a doctorate in “ISESCO and Strategies for Dialogue among Civilizations” from University of Zaytuna as well as a master’s degree in Islamic civilization.

Since 2006 he has been engaged in producing cultural and intellectual programs on Al-Kef Radio and Tunisia Cultural Radio. In addition, Dr. Bargoumi is the author of numerous articles for national newspapers and magazines including Morning, Echo,  Journalism (Cultural Papers), Journal of Cultural Life, and the Journal of Etaph. He is a member of the Research Unit of Speechology at the Higher Institute of Islamic Civilization, Tunisia, and a member of the Digital Arabic Society in Tunis.

He is an activist on social issues, human rights, women’s rights, dialogue among civilizations and citizenship.