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Dr. Mustafa Halabi

Country: Saudi Arabia

Associate Professor, Taibah University, Madinah Almunwarah

Dr. Halabi is an academician with special interest in interreligious dialogue and tolerance. At present he is serving as an Associate Professor at Taibah University, Madinah Almunwarah. His teaching interest are: moderation; dialogue (foundations and ethics); and the study of religions and sects. During his career as an academician, he widely researched and published in the field of Orientalism where he explored and studied the views of orientalists about Islam. He held several high-ranking positions in and out of the university. Most importantly, he was the university vice president and led the team of academics to deliver academic programmes in the university branches which are spread all over the Madinah region. As an academician, equal opportunity and inclusion are his personal goals. Dr. Halabi was the initiator of the Ambassadors of Moderation programme and for the last six years he has had been an Executive Director of the programme. The programme was established across all of the higher education institutions in the region and aims to promote moderation among the Saudi youngsters. In recognition of his work in the field of teaching and learning, he was awarded the highest fellowship (Principal Fellow) of Advanced Higher Education Academy of the UK.