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Dr. Muhammad Fawzy Abdel-Hay

Country: Egypt

Religious affiliation: Islam

Dr. Muhammad Fawzy Abdel-Hay was born in 1979, in El-Bohayra, Egypt. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Islamic studies in English summa cum laude (2003), Master of Islamic Studies (2008), Bachelor of Islamic Laws (2009), and a PhD in Islamic jurisprudence and methodologies of Islamic legal theories (2013) from Al-Azhar University. He is currently a faculty member of the Department of Islamic Studies in Foreign Languages at the Faculty of Languages and Translation at Al-Azhar University. He also teaches Islamic jurisprudence at the Faculty of Sharia and Law and teaches Islamic studies at the Al-Azhar Faculty of Islamic Studies for International Students.

Dr. Fawzy is also a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (SCIA) and of the Al-Azhar Center for Translation.

Since 1998 he has been delivering Friday sermons and has also led the religious activities and learning at the Islamic Foundation of Nevada, USA, in 2011. He also led the delegation of the Muslim Council of Elders to South Africa in 2015 in addition to teaching courses on Da‘wah and Interfaith Dialogue at Al-Azhar University and the American Open University, Cairo.

Dr. Fawzy published a number of books and translations, such as “Uūl Al-Fiqh: Rise, Developments, Methodologies & Literature” (Cairo: 2015); "Religious Extremism: Root Causes and Potential Solutions" (SCIA: 2015); "Female Judges in Islamic Law" (Cairo: 2015); "Church Protection in Islam" [translation] (Cairo: 2016); and "In Pursuit of Renewing the Religious Thought" [translation] ( SCIA: 2016).

Dr. Fawzy also participated in the translation of "Selections from the Memory of Al-Azhar" (Al-Azhar Press: 2016) as well as the translations of Al-Azhar Center for Translation, such as "Essential Features of Islam" by Professor Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, (Al-Azhar Press: 2017) and "Muslim Conception of War" by Sheikh Muhammad Abu Zahra (Al-Azhar Press, 2017); "Muslim Concept of Human Rights" by Professor Mahmud H. Zaqzuq (Al-Azhar Press: 2017).

Dr. Fawzy has also published dozens of articles on social, religious and political reformation in newspapers, magazines and websites.

Dr. Fowzy is highly interested in women's issues, human rights and heritage as well as interreligious dialogue.

His motto is “Build a world paradise, win the Eternal Paradise".