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Dr. Malika Bouali


Country: Tunisia

Religious affiliation: Islam

For the human being one in his essence and multiplied in his dimensions

Teacher at the Higher Institute of Islamic Civilization, Ezzitouna University

Dr. Malika Bouali Barhoumi, from Tunisia, born in 1971.

Specialized in Interfaith Dialogue and an associate professor at Ez-Zitouna University.

She completed her Ph.D on the ethical issue in the Muslim Christian dialogue and issued within this academic context four books, namely Sin and Salvation in the Three Monotheistic Religions, The Ethical Question in Muslim Christian Dialogue, Ethics between the Bible and the Holy Qur’an, and Messianic Matters.

She contributed to many national and international forums.

She has published in national and international scientific journals. She tries to embody the principles of dialogue, coexistence, and peace-building by building friendly relations and interacting with a group of Christan specialists as well as other in the science of religions in the Arab world, Europe, and America. She is also involved in the programs and initiatives of regional international institutions interested in cultural diversity and religious pluralism. She is a member of Ez-Zitouna International Center for Dialogue and Peacebuilding.