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Dr. Ilyas Dekkar

Country: Algeria

Religious affiliation: Islam

Life is one and short, human being came from one source, so wherever our thoughts may take us I hope it's profitable for all. Therefore let's have common terms and live in a peaceful communities!

Lecturer-Researcher at Emir Abdelkader University

Dr. Ilyas Dekkar is a professor of comparative religions, theology and interreligious dialogue at Bouira University in Algeria and he is a trainer of Religious Freedom and Belief from Adyan Foundation and a member of its international commission network. He was an associate professor of Philosophy, Religious studies and intercultural dialogue at several universities.

He has more than 15 training and academic certificates in conflict resolution, peaceful coexistence, interfaith dialogue, social cohesion and human development. He has been engaging since 2008 in defending human rights and promoting the principle of brotherhood, freedom of religion and belief, pluralism, citizenship that embraces diversity and equality.

He has taken and participated in many local and international events, conferences, meetings and workshops that serve interreligious and intercultural dialogue specially with Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Baha'is, Shia and Yazidis.

He has published several scientific articles in journals and magazines and given lectures and taught courses on how to use interreligious dialogue to strengthen peace, reconciliation, harmony and social cohesion, how to promote tolerance among follows or religions. 

Ilyas was amongst the finalists of community solutions program in 2019 organized by the US Department of State on enhancing interreligious dialogue in Algeria.