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Dr. Hashim Abdul Razzaq Al Tai


Country: Iraq

Religious affiliation: Islam

Be proud of yourself so that everyone will trust you

Professor at Musul University

Dr. Hashem Abdul Razzaq Salih Al Tai is a highly regarded university professor and researcher with a focus on the history of religious movements. Throughout his career, he has supervised and discussed numerous master's and doctoral dissertations. Dr. Hashem is also a human development coach, organizing several courses and workshops centered around topics such as conflict assessment, peace, reconciliation, negotiation, and the impact of effective communication on the educational process, as well as for displaced individuals and women. He has participated in several university conferences and seminars both within his country and internationally.

Dr. Hashem's personal experiences include his participation in various workshops, including "Positive Dealing and Peace Industry" held in Erbil by the World Relief Organization, "Training on Community Peace" held in Duhok in cooperation with the Center for Peace Studies at the University of Duhok by the UNDP, and "Conflict Assessment" also held in Duhok in collaboration with the Center for Peace Studies at the University of Duhok by the UNDP. He has also led workshops on conflict assessment and peacebuilding, mediation and reconciliation and its impact on peaceful coexistence, and the impact of effective communication in the educational process, targeting students, professors, and staff at the University of Mosul.

In addition, Dr. Hashem has participated in Adyan Network trainings during November and December 2021. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Dr. Hashem is highly respected in his field and has made significant contributions to the academic and social communities through his research, coaching, and leadership in workshops and training programs.