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Dr. Habibat Oladosu-Uthman

Country: Nigeria

Religious affiliation: Islam

Lecturer, Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Dr. Habibat Oladosu-Uthman is a lecturer in the Department of Arabic and Islamic studies of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She obtained her PhD in Islamic thought and civilization from the International Islamic University of Malaysia in 2011. Her area of competence includes comparative religions, Christian-Muslim relations, cultural criticism, Islam in West Africa and Islam and Gender studies. Since her employment by the University of Ibadan, Dr. Habibat has carved a niche for herself in the areas of teaching and community service. She is currently one of the focal persons at the University of Ibadan Gender Mainstreaming Office and member of many administrative committees. During the past five years, she has served as teaching consultant to the Dominican University at Ibadan. Her vision is to build intercultural and inter-civilizational peace and harmony all around the world.

Her motto is “If He had willed, He would have made you one nation.”