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Dr. Fikru Assefa Beyene

Country: Ethiopia

Religious affiliation: Christianity

“Think globally and act locally!”

Principal, More Than Conqueror of Theology (MTC) Ethiopia.

Fikru serves as the Principal of More Than Conqueror School of Theology (MTC) in Ethiopia. Prior to his role at MTC, he was the Director of Leadstar Theological College from 2015 to 2019. Assefa's academic achievements include a Bachelor of Theology from Evangelical Theological College with a focus on Community Development, a degree in Development Studies from the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology, and a Doctorate in Practical Theology from MTC. He is also furthering his education with a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Gordon College in Boston, USA.

Passionate about interreligious dialogue, Fikru has both national and international experience in peace and reconciliation training and conferences. He is dedicated to promoting equality and fostering shared values to build a harmonious world. In his efforts to champion these ideals, he integrates interfaith and intercultural dialogues in both the churches he has served and the educational institutions he has led. Fikru envisions introducing interreligious dialogues across elementary and secondary schools throughout Ethiopia and the broader African continent, understanding the transformative power of education in shaping societies.